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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fashion - Shopping for identity.
Description extract from the brochure ,regarding the topic we are talking about today.

The fashion gallery reveals the fabric of Singapore society through
popluar music and
displays of apparel,accessories and beauty products used by women
from 1950s to 1970s. It explores the shifting identities of Singaporean women through a variety of themes
and helps visitors gain insight into the socio-economic and political roles of women -
from youths to homemakers and career women-
in those decades of much change and progress.
Fashion was not just a means for Singaporean women to reflect
their increasing public
role; it also demonstrated their resourcfulness and
creativity as consumers during that period. To enchance the displays, specially edited
archival footages and oral historiesare available to
visitors in the audio visual kiosks.

A special section of the gallery provides visitors with an idea of what goes on in a tailor's workshop, giving an in-depth understanding of
the process and techniques of how various traditional garments, such as cheongsams, are made. One can learn the different ways of draping
an indian sari in a video that was commissioned and filmed by the museum; and also view the tools of the trade- antique sewing machines from the 1930s to 1970s -
and admire the intricacies of the embroidery found on a kebaya. In additional, a fine selection of commonly used garment-making fabrics is on displays for visitors to touch
and feel.

So much from reading the above description, i hope you have an better idea of what women from the past to now the modern days women are like! (:
And of course, i wouldnt want to worn out your pretty eyes of yours just by reading n reading n reading. I do have wonderful pictures coming right up
to feast your eyes! (: [pss: but it will be definatly better, if you could go and feast your eyes your self! is really worth it , for people who are into fashion!]

So here we go :
A beautiful day, despite is raining alittle here and there. But it doesnt stops me from getting all lazy n slouchy to skip this trip at national museum of singapore to visit the fashion exhibition.
To me, if you want to be a fashionista , not only you got to dress to style, dress to impress , dress to even trend. But most importantly
you got to know your fabrics, knows what your garments are made of, how they are made ,not only getting from brands,but from scratch to being into the retail stores.
Is definatly much more exciting then anyone could think of! (:

And so, featuring rayner lee for being my company today for this exhibition. *Specially thanks to rayner lee, for adjusting strap of my dslr, clipping my hair, accompanying me. thankss!*

Totall love how the museum look like, totally classy and everything i think is pretty pretty & cute! haah ((:
*PSSS*(oooh, i heard that people always thinks that museums has all the antique stuff, nothing new, but you peeps are soo wrong they do have a lot of different exhibitions that will feast your eyes, so rmb always pop your camera into the bag, elsa you will have to come back to take ! )


Brochures stand - take your picks! Not only about museum, but about the different places of interest in SG!

I took like quite afew,so i could make my trip there, take photos n blog about it for you readers! (:

rayner posing for my camera, and also dont you think the design of museum is pretty! (This is the second level btw)

strolling toward the gallery on the 3rd or 4th level.

did you see the chandelier?
(sorry for the unclear picture of it, as its swinging in the air!)
Be enchanted by the eight chandeliers that adorn the lenght of the link brigde. Installed at 3metres above the floor of the bridge and 1.5metres apart
each chandelier swings across the brigde's width
in sequence or in a staggered pattern.
Visitors can view it from the different positions and take it in the different
qualities offered by the installation.

Stepping into the singapore living gallery - Fashion
(PSSSS: no flash to be taken. But For the sake of my reader,
i got to break the rules like any other people who went in to snap! )
heehee, i hope you guys see how much i love you! (:
Entrance of the gallery. (PITCH DARK .pleasee!)
Intially i didnt dare to go in, because is DARK. I am afraid of DARK!
But still, for the sake of everyone reading my space, i buff up my courage!
*clapclap to me* Yeahs! (((:

Quotes on the wall ,from the famous people. (:

Dont you just love this quotes! ((:
Next, i saw this two big round cushions hollow,
for you to sit back and relac & enjoy the what they have to say about fashion.

Next , i saw a touch screen video clips, where you could touch for the videos you want to watch.
(dont expect this photos to be properly taken, as the video runs, i tried to snap as many outfits as i can)

From beauty , to garments..

* in the olden days, women who slog ,or worked people wld recon them as

selling face*

I manage to find in the olden days newspaper abt beauty! Aisnt it awesome?

Next we have, collections of clothes from the olden days,

Feast your eyes, on them ! is definatly something rare !

(I totally love the campbell dresss! soocuuuteeeee,pleaseee!)

Last stop -------> to a tailor's workshop

I really like all the fabrics here on display. Not only you can see, you can feel it too! Asint it wonderful??

It even comes along with a description of like EG: whats cotton is like, is made of etc...


Duchese satin:



Chinese brocade:


In the olden times, we use sewing machines to sew our garments,
how many of you have seen the sewing machine before, or still has it?
Its very rare now, but i do seen the sewing machine before , in my days they still has it.
I feel , n touch it before too! (:

Lastly : here are some that we used the sewing machine to sew it to the perfect one!

Ending with our picturesss! (:
I hope you enjoy my long winded write up! haha (:
Here's one question i am interested to know from you(yes, you 're reading my blog now!)
what's fashion to you?
(do comments on this post, if you are able,thanks!)
I do have some friends giving me back the answerrs, heres what they have to say:
Fashion is like an art,the art of creating an image for yourself & others.Fashion is a place
where you show n expand your creativity... fashion is what you use to change people life.
;by jeff
Personally is just an state of appearance to stand out from the crowd; by anthony
Is something people tries very hard to follow,to look good.Everyone has their own sense of it.; by joshua
Fashion is what defines you,what you wears shows how much confidence you have
in yourself and how you are able to express yourself. Dressing & looking good will make you feel good
and leave an impression of others too. ;by marcus
Fashion is alot about the CUTS of clothes and the person wearing it.
If you want to be a hip-hopper you wear 'L', you want to look sleek n stylish you wear 'M'
you want to look fit , you wear 'S' .
and also fashion is about knowing when to wear what.
Dressing for the right occassions is important, and to be a fashionista you need to know
how to look at every different part of different event, from board short
to tank tops to tuxedo and cocktail dresses, you have to known when to flaunt your wardrobe .
;by sean

(Stay tuned, for my next post on wednesday! )


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