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Friday, April 2, 2010

A trip to ikea.
(meatballs, here i come! wheeeew!)

Introducing our main(s)
Sarah the huggable, Hannah the florie, and lastly cheeky mouse Eric.

Good friday today, and i assume no work for almost everyone.
So planned to have lunched together over at tampines ikea.
It was like the most enjoyed trip down there, seems alittle bo-liao to just lunch there. But, we do have fun looking round at the stuff there, and Eric & I are making plans to get some of the stuff there too.
Simply cant wait , i tell you! (:
So let's begin our journey of our lunch & searching pretty things around and of course catch us in our funny act in the cam-whoring seesssions we have along! (:
(see us girls, cam-whore while waiting for the foodie.
Girls just love cant blame us, can you! xD)

(see Eric over here, waiting for the food to arrive)

Yummmy foodies that cost us 20++ with 2drinks. (:
(Pressssents, anyone want to give us one? ) (: *grins,

flowers?! i love pretty flowers. It makes me remind me of a sunflower i received in the past. PReettyy!

For the head lovers!(:


I love this bigbig urmbrella. Big enough for a picnic?
The poor boy's leg is tired, so he went to the boxes for a rest. awwwww

Forming a deformed heart,anyone? Seen hearts formed, bet you cant do a deformed heart like we did! hahahaa

Weee are wrapped with love! (:

Bye all!


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