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Friday, April 23, 2010

Just tracy & hannah.

Was feeling down,confuse & lost. didnt really know which directions to go.
Meet up with tracy jiejie. Always there to sayang me, listen to my troubles/whins/gossips.
When to have ice cream over @ orchard central gelare. Yes , its sinful but it makes me at least 1% happier.
Anyway, cut the crap of my saddnesss, see our yummy ice cream. Mine has whip cream on it! YUMYUM!!!
After slacking/eating at gelare , headed over to cinelesure meet up with tracy's girls for awhile & also went to the toliet to cam-whore. Girls uhhhh~
then she bought me over to Mandarine gallery to sit the comfy sofa! heehee.
Cam-whoreing & heart -to-heart talk starts here! xD
zsoon after an sercuity guard told us, is closing. So we leave, & part our ways.! (:
Then home sweet home !! xD


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