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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the second day of chinese new year, 6angbao/red packets came into my pocket. (:
Actually it doesnt matter how much angbao/red packets i get , is the bonding i am after.
I love family ,friends & loved ones to gather around.

Had a suppppa tiring day today,yo.!
Went to visiting early in the morning, then went to zoo with my coursins,aunts,uncles & mom.
Intended to stroll afew rounds in the zoo, yet the quene was hellllll wayyyy long,
is like you hav quene for about 1hr to get the tickets,
so we head-e over to sentosa underwater world.

Pictures of my litle sweets coursins was taken:
See their smiles, arent they cute enough to melt your heart? (;
The younger ones. Are they cute too. (:

The girls, sweet yet naughty at times yo.

The boys, cute,intelligent & naughty. They had it all! (:

Is been quite awhile since i last head-ed to underwater world, on the way there
memories of the past, of how me & benny used to came sentosa& underwater flashes back.
What was i thinking about, i wonder.
As we went in, more memories start flashing back, to the times, how we used to get excited when we head to underwater world on our first month(i know, it doesnt sounds romantic. But to me it was the best ever gift that had give to me though), touching the star fishes & stingrays is funn. But all this are gone, just the memories left behind though.
After the day, head-ed back to granny's place.
Had dinner there too, followeed by rounds of cards again. (;
PS/:Benny chatted with me on msn at night, happy though. (:


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