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Saturday, August 9, 2008

well, i guess it will be a supersuper long post for tonight.
And somehow ,i wish tonight you were here by my side to catch the beautiful fireworks with me....

Well, my four days trip to penang,
I simply learn alot, and thought alot.
Somehow i still think of him,
everynow and then.

Well, here are some photos i taken
when i was in:

For the butterfly farm,
i simply love the different speices that just flew around.
The various sizes from smallest to biggest,
thinnest to thickest wing butterflies i just love them all.
Isnt they beautiful, when they could flew where they wanted,
Watching them flew, you could actually feel the happiness inside them.
I love nature afterall,


Wah, For this i seriously admire the hand-works of
the ladies doing batik. It is beautifully hand drawns of the outlines,
of the batiks, and what's more, i am just so impress by the way they had done it.


For this spice garden, i guess it wasnt much specaility in it.
Well, i dont really smell out the spice in there, and moreover
the flowers and plants there MUST have die out of dehydration ,i guess.
It looks dame dead at that moment when i saw it, but is alright la.
I could get to see some beautiful water falls too. =))

Well, this morning i had just returned home
from penang by plane. Was kinda of SHAG!, but
still happy that emily is at the airport to fetch me.
Next, cab home to get prepared then
Head-ed to far east for some shopping with emily.

Next, head-ed to city hall.
Text-ed and reply-ed afew messages from my friends.
To my surprise, JJ and the rest is at raffles while jasson and yaowei's friends
are at pennisular. Intend-ed to meet them up,
but i guess nope, i was wearing rather sloppy today.

Head-ed to the dontknow what it is call-ed place,
catch the beautiful fireworks,which i think is really beautiful.
Well, this is what i have capture.

Next,head-ed to met up with darry. Knew eachother for so long yet to see him.
well, he wasnt a very good looking guy indeed but somehow,
he is a nice and toot guys. Laughs*

Then head-ed to esplanade ther, sat down with emily and darry.
Chatt-ed for alittle awhile,then tracy jiejie and her boyf came along. =)
Chatt-ed for awhile, then cabb-ed down to bukit panjiang, met up with bryant.
Wah! guess who was there? Is JONATHN. LAUGHS*.
I meant the jon who is from my shatec school.
whew! is been so long since i last seen him. =)

Aftermaths, cabb-ed home.

BAKZ: was happy that you replied my sms text today, well, even if it is one or two repiles it matters so much to me already. Well,i know you decision was made to let go. Well, i guess we still could be friends afteralll ya. somehow that feeling of missing you was still there,
nahs! dont feel pressurise.
Emily: take good care of yourself. JYJY FOR YOUR PRELIMS.
michelle: darling! miss you la. quickquick over for your exams, then we can go beach and do our blogshop. laughs*. =))
Tracy:jiejie, jyjy for your work. =))


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